Laser Learning Sessions

Talent Development

Who should attend:

Leaders, managers, employees needing specific learning with least time away from the desk.

Benefits of Laser Learning:

  • Focused input with clear take aways
  • 20 people - high throughput
  • Short sessions, delivered on your premises
  • Can be designed to suit specific business need.

Six highly effective workshops, each one only two hours away from the desk.

1. Navigating to success
Output: understand what drives success; how change impacts performance; what people need in order to be successful

2. Set your team up for success
Output: understand achiever styles in your team; utilise different attitudes to risk; maximise style diversity

3. Making the most of talent
Output: understand the significance of Core Talent; use talent well within a team; align talent to task.

4. Passion and focus at work
Output: create a passionate, dynamic team; use your own passion to inspire; define clear focus in changing times.

5. Change as opportunity
Output: managing change on a daily basis; how to inspire a positive mindset; developing opportunity in a team.

6. Networking to success
Output: how to manage a network; building strong relationships; listening as an impact tool.

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