Employer of Choice Diagnostics

Employer of Choice Diagnostics

Employer of Choice Diagnostics

Who should be involved:

Senior leaders; HR professionals with a commitment to / interest in Employer of Choice culture.

Benefits of Employer of Choice culture:

  • Great workplaces outperform their competitors by 10 – 15%
  • Retention of talent is high
  • Recruiting the high performers is easy – they seek you out.


GCC consultants work with HR, senior leaders and managers to explore the present culture, design a process for development and implement the steps that will deliver greatest benefit to both the culture and the business.


By the end of the process, there will be a clear action plan for the business going forward, with an understanding of how this can be delivered with greatest benefit and least cost.

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“We got real and practical advice including some quick wins. GCC didn’t shy away from the difficult messages either – but they delivered them in a way that made us accept rather than ignore the issues.”

MD, BUPA Membership

YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce - Employer of choice

Employer of Choice Diagnostics Becoming an Employer of Choice
Diagnostic and HR Offerings

At GCC we will use the Great Companies Model to help you develop your optimum working culture:

Rapid Diagnostic Process (RDP)

GCC assess the present culture through a Rapid Diagnostic, delivering feedback at the end of the day. In a large business the number of days is increased and findings are delivered on the final day of exploration.

We meet with the significant leaders and small groups from across the business to understand the present reality. The findings are shared and discussed with appropriate leaders and HR. Next steps and actions are included in the feedback.

HR Workout

Using the Great Companies Model as context, we work together with HR professionals to create a plan for Great Culture, including what is presently on offer, new offering/processes that can be created or delivered in house; offerings that need external support.

GCC consultants share their ideas, knowledge and experience of working with great culture in a range of sectors. The output is a map for next steps development in the business.

HR Coaching

HR is a demanding area of work that requires resilience, patience and commitment. It can be extremely helpful to have the support of an executive coach with experience both of Great Culture and working as an HR Director. Coaching sessions focus on specific work challenges and result in clear action plans for the next steps.

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