Inspirational Manager

Inspirational Manager

Inspirational Manager

Who should attend:

New and established people managers who want to develop high performing teams delivering strong results.


  • Underperformance is dealt with swiftly and effectively.
  • Talented people are developed to full capacity.
  • Business outputs improve as managers deliver strong results.


Half day workshop, 360 feedback, two day workshop + one day follow on workshops.

Managers measure themselves against the Inspirational Manager model via an innovative 360. In the two day workshop they explore impact and effectiveness, leading to an in-depth review of their 360 feedback and action planning. One day workshops pick up common development needs and business imperatives.


By the end of the programme, managers understand the demands and benefits of Inspirational Management, have worked on personal impact and are part of a strong and robust Inspirational Manager community.

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YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce - Inspirational Manager

YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce - Appraisal as a motivational tool

Inspirational Manager Inspirational Manager
Inspirational Manager Workshops

Inspirational Manager Foundation Workshop

The foundation workshop sets the tone for Inspirational Manager behaviour.

  • A half day workshop introduces Inspirational Manager and explains the 360 data gathering process. Known as the ‘most effective 360’, it engages the behaviour of exceptional management from the outset.
  • Two day workshop that focuses on the foundation of Inspirational Manager – the beliefs, approach and behaviour that is so central to the high performance results they deliver. It concludes with a robust action plan for the next six months.

One day workshops

GCC work with HR and the group to design a series of one day workshops that address specific business and learning needs. Possible workshops include:

Appraisal as a Motivational Tool

This workshop will include a proven model for motivational appraisal and provide practice of the courageous conversations that need to take place.

YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce - Appraisal as a motivational tool

Effective Delegation

Participants review their workload, identify tasks for delegation and develop a plan of action so they hand on work and develop the talent in their team. We include coaching practice, so vital to effective delegation.

Holding Courageous Conversations

This workshop defines what it takes to hold a courageous conversation, identifies specific conversations that participants need to hold and provides practice of being direct and straight forward.

Managing Top Talent

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of what it takes to be successful, how to get the best out of people and how to embed the success behaviours into their team culture.

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