The Psychology of Success

The Psychology of Success

“A clear, dynamic book, full of up to the minute psychological theory and free of jargon” Robin Lawrence, Psychiatrist

“Relevant to both career and personal life, Judith’s nimble approach encourages you to take personal responsibility to fulfill your aspirations.” Tim Jones, HR Director, Aegis Media, UK and Ireland

Being successful isn’t about finding that one dream job or that defining moment of glory – it’s about taking on and accomplishing major challenges, not just once, but time and time again.

Judith explores the Five Fundamentals that drive your personal success and outlines the Seven Success Behaviours that will make the best of your core talent.

The book uses stories from the lives of 30 difference serial achievers - learn from their successes and failures, share their dreams and nightmares, while exploring your own personal journey to success.

YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce Launches The Psychology of Success

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The Psychology of Success

The Life Alignment Curve - Judith Leary-Joyce

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