Inspirational Manager

Inspirational Manager

Inspirational Manager is thought provoking and pragmatic. This book provides useful tactics and action plans for achieving success across various management disciplines with rules to guide you through each stage. A useful companion throughout your managerial career, this book will help guide you and your people to success. Mark Horsfield, Professional Development Manager, Microsoft.

Inspirational Manager (2011, 2nd edition) is driven by Judith’s belief in the importance of the management role. Without fabulous managers shot through the heart of an organisation, no workplace can be an Employer of Choice, so she set out to discover just what it is that fantastic people managers do with their time. Like her first book, Inspirational Manager is highly practical with regular ‘ideas for action’and action plans for today and the weeks ahead at the end of each chapter.

If you want to lift your management style from good to great – or even mediocre to good – this is the book for you. As one reader said ‘its as if you’re sitting beside me and coaching me’. So go for it – there is nothing to lose but boredom and frustration.

YouTube: Judith Leary Joyce - Inspirational Manager

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Inspirational Manager
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